Across the world the truth of human enlightenment is hidden in the allegories of every spiritual, biblical and mythological text ever written. Some societies on earth are using these truths to manipulate the course of world events to their advantage. They also go to great lengths to hide this knowledge from the average person.

The less awareness and consciousness society has, the easier it is to rule and mould into something beneficial for the global elite minority. The same bloodlines have used this knowledge for centuries to control the masses, and have benefitted greatly from doing so.

It is my hope that this site will show the reader some of the truths they have hidden, it will show who “they” actually are, and I hope it will provide you with some of the knowledge and awareness you need to begin to see through the veil of the current global system, and the world events it is manufacturing.

Perhaps the most important hidden teaching and secret ever kept from mankind, is that of the Christ with in each and everyone of us. A great many societies and organisations, the Vatican included, have gone to extraordinary measures to hide this teaching, once you know it, you will understand why!

How is it I came to know this information you ask? Well it is combination of years of research, meditation and what can only be described as divine guidance via synchronicity and other means.

An angel is best described as being a messenger of light…

In science a photon is a light particle that carries information(messages), photons can only travel on angles of light…….. see a similarity?


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